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From the way we approach challenges to the relationships we build, our core values define who we are and how we operate.

We're driven by ambition. Setting both quantitative and qualitative targets that align with our purpose, we infuse meaning into every action we take. Committed to continual improvement, both individually and as a team, we never settle for mediocrity. We embrace conscious risks, challenge the status quo, and push boundaries to achieve outstanding results. At Harbor Lab, ambition fuels our journey towards unparalleled success.
Agility is our mantra. Constantly exploring new ideas and questioning assumptions, we adapt swiftly to change. We strike a balance between tradition and innovation, seeking efficiency without sacrificing creativity. Embracing experimentation, we act decisively, unafraid of failure but wary of hasty decisions. Through self-reflection and resilience, we navigate challenges with grace, emerging stronger and more adaptable than before.
Trust is the bedrock of our relationships. We prioritize open, honest communication, recognizing its pivotal role in fostering trust within our team and with our partners. Integrity is non-negotiable – we follow through on our commitments, delivering on promises with transparency and clarity. Every interaction is rooted in respect and empathy, valuing diverse perspectives and fostering a culture of mutual understanding.
[Care] for People
Care for People
Above all, we prioritize people. Investing in continuous learning and development, we empower our team to thrive professionally and personally. We listen with empathy, seeking to understand the motivations and emotions driving every decision. Encouraging autonomy and authenticity, we create an environment where every voice is heard and valued. Beyond the workplace, we champion the well-being of our team members, recognizing that our collective success is built on a foundation of care and compassion.
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Christoforos Tsolis
Product Manager

Being a member of the Harbor Lab team means a lot of things. First of all, it means being part of an innovative project that will for sure reshape shipping. It means working in an environment that involves communicating with the whole world, challenges your skills, gives you opportunities to try new things and helps you grow and evolve through the process. But more importantly, it means being surrounded by awesome individuals, where everyone is equal and every opinion matters. We are more than a team. We are friends! We are a family!

Ourania Papagianni
Key Accounts & Onboarding Manager

Strength and growth are only succeeded through ongoing effort and struggle. Our strength is us, the feeling we get while working together, the relationship we slowly build by breaking down our own walls. Our growth comes out every day by the interaction between us but also when we get to interact with different cultures around the world. In Harbor Lab, we are all one; facing everything all together, successes and failures, easy projects or hard ones. That is why this team is not only part of my life, but also part of my heart. That is why I’m proud to be a part of this team.

George Katounas
Software Engineer

In Harbor Lab we are trying to simplify shipping and innovate using new technologies. In our team everybody is equal and has high expectations and we are trying to achieve them, all together! And all the above in a friendly and pleasant environment!

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Iosifina Kalitzaki
Finance Operations Analyst

In Harbor Lab we have one common goal among others. We speak our minds freely and find new paths along the way. So, it is not only the HL product that evolves but us too! Harbor Labers happily work harder because they feel that their work is appreciated.

Maria Boura
Junior Product Manager

HarborLab is the dream start-up environment: high tech environment, motivating projects, strong bonds, great support. Working here we have found the best environment to discover and unravel our skills and strengths, where they are truly appreciated. But most importantly, we did not find a job but a family, where we can openly be our authentic selves.

Nikos Loumos
Port Data Manager

Being part of Harbor Lab is like being part of a bigger family. Everyone is treated as equal, has the same opportunities and this is a motivation for every one of us. I love spending my working time at the office and communicating with my colleagues. It is not just that we like working together but also like having fun and relax. This builds up a better team spirit and a stronger bond among us. I do love working for Harbor Lab and certainly, I am happy waking up in the morning, knowing that the challenges a Start-Up company faces, make every day exciting and intriguing.

Olga Symvoulaki
Commercial Supervisor

What I love about working in Harbor Lab is the “feeling” and ‘’Culture” created among the team, those of success! In a fast-paced environment such as shipping, Harbor Lab introduces a tool that brings a significant change, from which the industry can benefit now and in the long run. Within a friendly, young generation environment, thoughts and ideas are discussed regularly and are shared daily. Optimism and positive vibes are spread throughout the workplace. Consequently, we get empowered and motivated every day and we increase our productivity and certainly our loyalty without even noticing.I am allowed not to think of us as just employees, we are teammates, ‘believers’ of the idea that the ‘startup’ will soon elevate to a fully functional business and we are working together towards our common mission. Being part of a success story from its very beginning is what Harbor Lab means to me.

Sylvia Kouimitzi
Software Engineer

Harbor Lab is a team of young, smart and fun individuals who made my adjusting to a new working environment very smooth and easy and who made me feel as part of their family since day one.
I am glad to be working side by side with them on innovative products which will help the shipping industry enter the digital era.

Thanos Botsinis
DAs Supervisor - Account Lead

I was excited to join Harbor Lab for my Masters' Internship thanks to which, I managed to understand how technology can help the shipping industry evolve. From day one, it felt like I joined a second family where everything is possible through teamwork and by trusting my colleagues, who are exceptional professionals with a "can do" attitude that can handle any obstacle.

Theodora Bregasi
Junior Product Designer

Working for Harbor Lab is like being a member of a sports team! We train together, we play together, we celebrate together our everyday victories. Feeling super grateful for being able to work in an environment that feels like home along with people who feel like family.

Margareth Sengbusch
Junior Product Manager

As a new starter, I have learned a lot during my first months and not only about the shipping industry. Harbor Lab encourages employees to take additional courses to advance in their career path. They also support you in your personal growth by encouraging you to seek additional qualifications that may expand your skillset or benefit your personal development.