Maritime’s Last Mile

A solid software solution for port cost management
Ensure a streamlined and accurate port cost validation process through cutting-edge technology and automation.
End-to-end port call & port cost management
Market Access & Service Discovery

Expand Your Reach, Enhance Your Choices
Access Over 4000 Trusted Port Service Providers

Demand Consolidation & Internal Alignment

Break Silos, Enhance Efficiency
Transparent Port Activities & Cost Savings

Price Benchmarking & Negotiation

Secure the Best Deal, Every Time
Best service at competitive price

Agents & Vendors Appointment

Appoint Multiple Agents for same port call, Maximize Efficiency
Appoint Vendors either on Spot or as per direct agreement

Disbursements Validation & Approval

Quick and Easy Validation, Accurate Cost Allocation & Configurable Approval Flow

Payments & Balance Settlements

Reduce admin & eliminate errors
Automated process to Manage Cash Flow & Track Payments

End-to-end port call & port cost management
Clients that trust us
Top tier clients known for commercial excellence trust our product!
Zeaborn Ship Management
Matthias Bücker
Senior Vice President for Commercial Ship Management
"ZEABORN is a signatory to the UN Global Compact and a member of the Maritime Anti-Corruption Network. As such we have vouched for transparent processes and money flows. Harbor Lab provides us with a platform to achieve exactly those goals, while also streamlining internal processes to become more admin efficient as well as cost-efficient in our spending together with increasing the quality of the husbandry services provided to our clients’ fleets."
The Great Eastern Shipping Co.
Ankush Gupta
Chief Operational Officer
"At Great Eastern, we are constantly seeking ways to improve our operational efficiency and deliver enhanced value to our customers. Partnering with Harbor Lab and implementing their Disbursement Accounts module is a pivotal step in this direction. We are looking forward to leveraging the Harbor Lab platform to manage all agency activities, from appointment scheduling to document management and approval process. We expect that this will help us simplify communication and improve coordination."
Oldendorff Carriers
Sven Möller
Managing Director Operations
"Oldendorff has always been embracing change and efficiency at all levels. Digitalization and platforms such as Harbor Lab who are offering automated solutions/processes will continue to change how our industry will operate in future. It will reduce operational cost, improve efficiency, data quality and give our employees more time to concentrate on."
Star Bulk Carriers Corp.
George Drakatos
Financial Controller
"HarborLab is professional with the appropriate co-operation, having a handy platform that has facilitated the implementation of daily payment and control of Disbursement Accounts transactions. It maintains the necessary operational requirements in order for a Listed Company (Star Bulk Carriers Corp.) which operates under a very strong Corporate Governance Framework to comply with all necessary Accounting and Audit procedures."
TMA Bulk GmbH & Co. KG
Oliver Harms
Managing Partner
"HarborLab helps to make sure costs charged in a DA are in line with local tariffs. With the easy-to-use web platform, we keep an overview of port calls, pending DAs and other needful data. It reduces our costs and is a direct saving on every port call we have."
NSB Group
Simon Frank
Vice President of Crewing Operations
“Habor Lab from the initial contact established stood out as professional and competent in the area of expertise and as such an ideal partner for us in obtaining common constructive goals. We strongly believe that this partnership will improve how we are working and therefore bring more efficiency for NSB.”
Product Shipping & Trading S.A.
Theodore Belexis
Managing Director
"Harbor Lab is a valuable tool which allows users to manage and process DAs in a fast and efficient way. The platform is well-designed and easy to use. It transforms complex daily procedures to a simple and accurate operation."
Swiss Chem Gas
Efi Sioziou
Commercial Operator
"Harbor Lab's platform offers a unique architecture that gives our company full and easy control on all Das of our fleet. Designed to facilitate the Operation, Accounting and Management Department of a shipping company to automatically check Disbursement Accounts. Handles multiple collective and individual data with accurate entries."
MH Bland Agency
Roberto Hernández
General Manager
"MHBland Port Agency staff is very happy using Harbor Lab platform due to suits perfectly with Port Agency Business. The platform is very intuitive and easy to use for our Operations Dept. Harbor Lab has also given us the opportunity to cooperate with New ship Owners whom MHBland Port Agency had never worked with before."
Rock Maritime Services Ltd
Graham Falero
Operations Manager
"Great recommendations and ability to work with new principals and also the ability to further develop our relationship with our current clients, helping them to streamline their Disbursements Accounts process and in return helping them better calculate their voyage expenses, quicker Disbursement Accounts settlement and having all stakeholders content."
Oceanic Seagull Maritime
Costas Kotras
National Operations Manager (South Africa)
"Harbor Lab has helped our company to embrace digitization and improve our service with the ultimate goal of maintaining clients and securing new business."
Allegro Shipping Agency Corp.
Beatrice Wu
Business Manager
"Harbor Lab assisted us in seeing how AI works in the shipping industry and with new business development opportunities."
We join forces to set new standards and drive innovation in maritime operations and disbursement management.
Ιntegration of OpenOcean STUDIO platform with Harbor Lab delivers innovative and efficient solutions for the industry.
A rich mix of shipping, computing, and scientific endeavor partners up with Harborlab.
Data Protection & Security
Prioritize Data Protection with Amazon Web Services infrastructure.
Service Organization Control (SOC) report
ISAE 3402 or SOC 1 report ensures that processes executed are controlled in such a matter that financial reporting is accurate and complete.
AUTH0 by Okta
Ensure secure access and identity management with user authentication through Auth0.
Penetration testing
Annual penetration testing to fortify platform security.
<b>Data Protection</b> & Security